Issue 1 – March 2018

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ISSUE 1 – March 2018

 S. No. Description/Title
 1Title: Cover Page and Contents Page
Page No.: 1 to 3 (page 2 is an advertisement)
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 2Title: Executives (editorial board) and Editor’s Note
Page No.: 4 to 5
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 3Title: Open Source Location Intelligence and Performance Analysis: A Success Story in Air Traffic Monitoring
Author: Emanuele Ristoratore and Elena Marchisa
Page No.: 6 to 8
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4Title: How the Latest Location-Based Modeling Puts You in Complete Control for Site Success
Author: Keenan Baldwin
Page No.: 9 to 12
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5Title: What Can Location Intelligence Tell Us About an Area?
Author: Ángela del Carmen Fuentes
Page No.: 13 to 15
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6Title: If Only Your Road Could Talk
Author: Joe Francica
Page No.: 16 to 17
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7Title: Analytic Imagery Solutions Broaden Possibilities in Antarctic Monitoring and Exploration
Author: Ana Isabel Martínez
Page No.: 18 to 19
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8Title: How CKE Grew Their Business with Maptitude Location Intelligence Tools
Author: Stewart Berry
Page No.: 20 to 22
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9Title: Location Intelligence; Beginning of User-Based GIS
Author: Manas Kumar Jha
Page No.: 23 to 25
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10Title: Location-Based Services – The Way Forward
Author: G.K.Tripathy and T. Ranga Vital
Page No.: 26 to 29
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11Title/Section: News Digest
Page No.: 30 to 34
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Page No.: 35 to 36
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