Timmons Group Webinar | Squashing Zika with GIS!

Squashing Zika with GIS!

Thursday, January 26th | 2 – 3 pm EST

Timmons Groupsquashing-zika-with-gis is a leading provider of geospatial information architecture and engineering services throughout the United States and Canada.

“Mosquitoes, like many organisms, breed in standing water,” said Lowell Ballard, Director of Geospatial Technology at Timmons Group. “Many public and private organizations have the responsibility for managing stormwater and other utilities that are sources of standing water. Locating those standing water sources is the first step in combatting Zika and other diseases carried by these organisms.”

This webinar will focus on how to leverage GIS to identify sources of standing water (e.g., stormwater infrastructure), leverage asset management software (e.g., Cityworks) to manage inspection workflows, and introduce custom mobile and web software solutions to track treatments, inspection sites, trap locations, disease vector testing results, and facilitate same-day response to requests from the public for site visits.

Those that would benefit from this presentation are local government stormwater staff, individuals with public health responsibilities, health organizations, and GIS professionals that work for public utilities organizations.

When: Thursday, January 26th; 2 – 3pm EST

Presented by:

  • Lowell Ballard
    Director of Geospatial Technology
  • Chris Gerecke
    Director of Enterprise Solutions

Hosted by:

  • Sarah Dennis, GISP
    Geospatial Client Manager

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