SuperGIS Server 3.3 Is Now Released!

SuperGIS Server 3.3.0001, the latest version of SuperGIS Server is now released! In this version, the most distinguishable feature will be the new ultra application, which has not only a more user-friendly interface design but also a mobile layout that allows users to interact with the map on mobile devices. Also, SuperGIS Server 3.3 is fully compatible with Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8, so users can set up the GIS server with latest Microsoft technologies.


In the future versions, the workflow of SuperGIS Server will be further improved to let users get their hands-on much easier. For example, if you need to deploy multiple servers for a web application with many visitors, the new design and settings will make you easier to duplicate the environment and enjoy the powerful server GIS technology.

In conclusion, SuperGIS Server 3.3 is designed to enhance the interactivity on both PC and mobile devices. Users will definitely find it more intuitive to interact with the web application. In addition to the front-end side, the workflow on the server side will also be improved for providing a better user experience.

Understand how to use mobile devices to access cadastral data:

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