Jamaica Acquired Satellite Imagery of the Island to Boost Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Management-Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Infrastructure Manager at the National Spatial Data Management Division, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Mark Codling, addresses a recent JIS Think Tank, where he provided details about work under way to create a a portal to provide geospatial data. (Photo: JIS)

GIS Infrastructure manager at NSDMD, Mark Codling. Credit: JIC

Jamaica – According to the recent news reported by the Jamaica Observer, the National Spatial Data Management Division (NSDMD) in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation has informed that it has completed the work of capturing the satellite imagery of the entire island.

This achievement will thrust to create a portal to provide geospatial data to government and private-sector entities as well as the general public. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Mona-Informatics Institute.

GIS Infrastructure manager at NSDMD, Mark Codling, said the objective is to “foster an environment to facilitate more micro, small and medium-sized Geographical Information Systems (GIS) entities, by creating a data portal working with various stakeholders.”

He explained that if the government is able to provide web-mapping services, private-sector GIS companies can use that data to create value-added products that they can share with the public.

This, he pointed out, will help to create new entrepreneurs, who will utilize the data to generate and harness economic growth.

Additionally, he said that from the geospatial data provided, users will also be able to understand the socio-economic background of a particular area.

Codling informed that the NSDMD is working on the National Spatial Data Policy, which will assist various public- and private-sector entities to share data.

He said that the division will create the training policies, the guidelines and various portals to make information accessible.

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