Trimble Inpho UASMaster 9.1 Now Available

UASMaster is one of Trimble’s UAS processing software solutions. UASMaster is engineered on the basis of the well-established Inpho advanced airborne photogrammetry/airborne LiDAR processing software suite. It offers full automatic geo-referencing, point-cloud generation as well as ortho-mosaic generation including refinement and editing tools for all deliverables as well as basic mapping and value adding functionality (e.g. point cloud classification).

UASMaster is available as a standalone solution as well as combined with Trimble Business Center.

Simple Reference Ground Control Point Measurement for 3D Reconstruction Projects.
Credit: Trimble

UASMaster 9.0 is a new main release of our UAS photogrammetry software module. The main release always includes a variety of bug fixes and technical improvements as well as new features and tools. Updating to the main release typically does require a new license. For 9.0 project files a project type for 3D reconstruction was added. Therefore, projects created in version 9 cannot be used in previous versions but it is no problem to use project files from the previous version for the current one.

What’s new in the Main Release UASMaster 9.0?

  • Full 3D Reconstruction with multi-copters and handheld cameras
  • Full 3D Point Clouds with new matching algorithm of directly from Georeferencing tie-points
  • Processing without known camera parameters or approximate exposure positions and simplified project setup
  • Simplified Processing Parameter Selection
  • Simple Reference Ground Control Point Measurement for 3D Reconstruction Projects
  • Streamlined workflow between Trimble Business Center and UASMaster
  • Support for imagery up to 100 Mpixel

Download UASMaster Version 9.1 Release Notes

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