Topcon Announces MAGNET Construct 2.0 App for Connectivity with More Instruments

magnet_construct_2_topconTopcon Positioning Group has recently announced the launch of MAGNET Construct 2.0 – the next generation app is built to drive a wide variety of Topcon total stations from a user’s smartphone or tablet. The first version of the app was purpose-built to drive the LN-100 Layout Navigator system alone.

“This ‘out of the box productivity’ is now available for most Topcon instruments,” said David Ahl, director of software product management. “Whether you prefer Android devices or the latest Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch hardware, the MAGNET Construct 2.0 app offers intuitive options to wirelessly connect to and drive a total station for fast measurements as well as graphical guidance for your data.”

“It’s an example of our focus to provide more options that cater to the preferences of end-users,” said Ahl. “This cross-platform compatibility of the MAGNET Construct 2.0 app makes precise measurement solutions for diverse applications even more accessible.”

MAGNET Construct also offers secure connectivity to MAGNET Enterprise web services for real-time data exchange from active project sites to and from the office.

The app is available on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. For more information, visit

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