Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd Implemented GPS Mapping Technology for Speedy Location and Repair of Faults

GPS Mapping Technology for power distributionAccording to recent news reported by the Energy World, in a first for India, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL) has implemented GPS mapping and Radio Frequency Identification Detector (RFID) Marker installation for speedy location and repair of faults in the grid.

TPDDL has already carried out mapping of around 1,200 cable routes using GPS technology and installation of 1,000 RFID Markers in the first phase of the project and plans to expand it to the remaining cable routes soon.

The company said the technology has allowed it to halve the effective time to locate a cable fault. The company also said the technology has allowed it to reduce the effective time to locate a cable fault from an average 90 minutes to average 45 minutes.

The technology is aimed at identifying the route of underground power cable network at any desired location and also to fetch the details of any joints through RFID detectors over and above the ground level. It will help to provide speedier resolutions in case any fault develops in the underground cables.

GPS Mapping technology works by collecting location data tags of the routes and mapping it with the accurate location received from satellites. The data is further incorporated with existing Geographical Information System (GIS) network of TPDDL. The company is tagging its cable routes using the technology to create an accurate mapping of the cable routes along with the RFID markers on joints for faster restoration and fetching pre-fed details from the splices.

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