Work Easier with Satellite Images – LandViewer Launches New Features

MENLO PARK, Calif. – The California-based company EOS have launched cloud based tool LandViewer, that allows non-expert users to select … read more →

Global Marketing Insights to Speak on Big Data Geospatial Analytics Platform at “Small Satellites Big Data Conference”

Cleveland, OH August 3, 2017 – Global Marketing Insights Inc., a pioneer in geospatial business intelligence and geospatial market research, will assist … read more →

Descartes Labs to Unveil Cloud-Based Geospatial Analytics Platform at GEOINT 2017

Descartes Labs to Unveil Cloud-Based Geospatial Analytics Platform at GEOINT 2017 Lightning Talk, Training Workshop Planned LOS ALAMOS, N.M., May … read more →

PlanetObserver Announces Release of PlanetSAT Global Imagery Basemap Version #2017

Clermont-Ferrand, France – 26 April 2017 – The French company PlanetObserver, supplier of geospatial data for all civil and military … read more →

Land Viewer: On-the-Fly Earth Observation Imagery Analytics in Your Browser

Data Scientists, GIS Engineers and Software Developers from California-based company EOS have recently launched the most advanced cloud based tool … read more →

ISRO and USGS Signed MoU for Cooperation in Exchange on Remote Sensing Data

New Delhi, (PTI) – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and United … read more →

Release of PlanetSAT 15 L8 imagery Basemap of Asia by PlanetObserver

Clermont-Ferrand, 12 October 2016 – The French company PlanetObserver, specialized in imagery basemap production for more than 25 years, announced … read more →

Spectral Transformer for Sentinel-2 Imagery Just Released

In a recent update, GeoSage has just released a software tool for the ESA’s 10m-resolution Sentinel-2 imagery. As many of you … read more →

Geomatica 2016 Release Highlights

Geomatica 2016 Release Highlights March 15, 2016 |  4:00 AM EST – 9:00 AM (GMT) |  2:00 PM EST – 7:00 PM … read more →

Combining SAR and Optical Imagery for Mapping and Change Detection

PCI Geomatica Webinar: Combining SAR and Optical Imagery for Mapping and Change Detection February 25, 2016 | 4:00 AM EST – 9:00 … read more →

A Landsat based Tool to Map Wildfire Hazard and Susceptibility

Wildfires, coupled with the presence of invasive plant species, are primary drivers of change in semi-arid savanna ecosystems. These wildfires … read more →

USGS Welcomes European Space Agency’s New Land Observing Satellite

The U.S. Geological Survey salutes the European Space Agency (ESA) on the successful June 23 launch of its Sentinel-2A satellite, … read more →

Landsat 9 to Continue Land Imaging Legacy of the U.S. Space Program

In recent news update by NASA, NASA and USGS are working together on Landsat 9, schedule to launch in 2023. … read more →

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