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Earth-i Releases Its First Full-Colour Video of Earth Taken From Space

April 16, 2018 – ‘New Space’ pioneer Earth-i today released the first video taken by VividX2, the technology prototype for its Vivid-i Constellation. Launched on 12 January 2018, VividX2 is the

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EARTH-i Receives £2.7 Million from UK Government to Improve Crop Yield for African Coffee Farmers

February 20, 2018 – EARTH-i, one of Europe’s most prominent New Space companies, has been awarded a grant of £2.7 million from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, which supports UK

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Earth-i Launches Prototype of World’s First Full-colour, Full-motion Video Satellite Constellation

January 12, 2018 – British ‘New Space’ pioneer Earth-i has confirmed that the pre-production prototype satellite of its upcoming satellite constellation was successfully launched earlier today. The new commercial constellation –

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Earth-i Joins USGIF; Reveals More Details About World’s First Commerical Constellation to Provide Color Video Footage

5 June 2017 – British satellite company Earth-i today announced that it has joined the USGIF (United States GeoSpatial Intelligence Forum) and will be expanding its operations in the US. The

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Earth-i Steps Up to Support the UK Space Industry

Earth-i has taken the opportunity to support the UK Space industry’s main gathering to discuss policy, progress and challenges by becoming a Gold Sponsor of the UK Space Conference 2017 held