Supergeo Released SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2

Supergeo is GIS based technology that assist you in solving spatial problems and making better decisions. SuperGeo offers numerous Server GIS solutions to fulfill the demands of corporate Intranets and the needs of worldwide Internet access. Supergeo announces that SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2 used to assist enterprises in managing, integrating, publishing and displaying geographic data and 3D models on globe is going to be released.


SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is the GIS software designed to publish and overlay terrain, building models and so forth with GIS data and display the spatial data in 3D. The GIS software can be used to help administrators and users explore geographic space or spatial relation among data. SuperGIS 3D Earth Server integrates with Cloud concept and enables users to utilize desktop software, like SuperGIS Desktop or SuperGIS Map Designer to publish data as a 3D map service over the Internet to a host installed with SuperGIS 3D Earth Server software. Furthermore, administrators can manage the published services or websites through browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) to sign in SuperGIS 3D Earth Manager to employ data or functions provided on server.

SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is planned to be released in 2014 to bring GIS platform with brand new vision experience to enterprise users. In addition to geographic data and 3D models, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server will integrate GIS analysis functions to provide a comprehensive 3D platform with analysis functions.

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