Sub-Venue for Unmanned Systems CHTF—China Unmanned Systems Expo 2016

A disruptive technological revolution is taking place high off the ground thanks to development of modern technology. In the incubation of next-round technological revolution and industry renovation, global innovation map is facing profound change, thus giving birth to an enormous, new industry in the air.

In the future, global aerospace industry and smart manufacturing will see the fastest growth in unmanned system. As a high-end smart manufacturing field, unmanned system has become a key symbol for major powers to enhance national defence construction and accelerate “reindustrialization” strategy and “Industry 4.0”. The year of 2016 is definitely a prime time for international environment and market prospect for unmanned system, which boasts commercial opportunities beyond measure.


The China (Shenzhen) Trade Fair about International Unmanned Vehicles Systems (CIUVS) of the 17th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) (“CHTF-CIUVS” for short) was held by Commando Wing, winning widespread recognition and praise of both insiders and lay persons of unmanned aerial vehicle in China. The Fair, held November 17-20 of 2015, was themed by “Innovate, establish and create intelligent machine, finance, fuse and integrate global industry”. Experts in unmanned systems like UAV, unmanned ship, unmanned vehicle gathered together for a four-day teaching, networking, sales and solution demonstration. A total of 30,000 professional visitors were attracted across the globe, driving the growthof unmanned system growth. Cutting-edge solutions from 110 exhibitors were displayed in the 10,000 m2 exhibition hall. A schedule of 48 professional seminars, 3 executive forums, 4 professional flying shows, and 1 award ceremony gradually pushed visitors to their climax, marking the highlight of the fair.


The exhibition will focus on the show of UAV, unmanned ship, unmanned vehicle, unmanned underwater submarine and bionic machinery and other newest types, technology and supporting services at home and abroad with comprehensive and professional exhibition platform. By holding the unmanned system technology achievements communication meeting with integration of various and abundant exhibitions , technical exchanges, flight performance, aerial competitions, makers zone and trade negotiations, forming strong effect of the aggregation of professional exhibitors and business passengers at home and abroad, whole industry chain, hi-tech achievements, market information and talent and makers. By giving full play to the advantages of professional, it allows global visitors and exhibitors to understand major challenges in this field and provide convenient service of excellent cost performance. Also, it helps visitors to form partnerships in industry, technology and finance, and benefit from new business opportunities worldwide.




  • Commando Wing — Showcase for China Unmanned System Achievements
  • Early Access — Showcase for International Unmanned System Achievements
  • Innovation Space — Showcase of College, Patent Innovation Holder and Startups




One Innovation Theme

This year’s theme of “Innovate, establish and create intelligent machine, finance, fuse and integrate global industry” builds on core ideas of “Made in China 2025 strategy”, and marks also a crossover attempt by CHTF after 18 years. As a leading marketplace for unmanned systems and robot technologies, CHTF-CIUVS 2016 is the best platform to show latest products and solutions to global audiences, and would create a great environment to present innovative achievements in unmanned system and promote cooperation & development across the globe.

【Three Major Features】

  • Diverse Subjects

CHTF-CIUVS 2016, an professional unmanned system festival of global impact, attracts leading complete appliance and parts manufacturers, military units with industrial UAV, consumer UAV, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned ships, academic institutes and companies at home and abroad.

  • Extensive Communication

Officials, the public, media, companies, and experts will gather for further exchange. Also, the fair drives industrial resource pooling and industry integration to form a lasting mechanism for sustainable development of unmanned system. Also, it builds a new presentation and cooperation platform form unmanned system players in production, education, research, trade and consumption. What’s more, it is a window for the public to known about global unmanned system and help to boost the growth of unmanned system industry.

  • Various Forms

A combination of exhibition, showing, theme conference, information center, and media coverage will be adopted to overall present the development trend of unmanned system.

【Five Advantages】

  • Ready for the most diverse products and solutions presented by professional brands

More and more manufacturers, suppliers, research institutes and purchasers are becoming partners to develop diverse products and offer new service to more customers. Other traditional manufacturing partners are also developing solutions that fit new activities in laws & regulations, finance & insurance and technology market. CHTF-CIUVS 2016 is one of the global unmanned system festivals and the most specialized unmanned system fair presented by Commando Wing. It has been considered as a must visit for executives and decision makers in unmanned system industry. Over 120 exhibitors at home and abroad are invited this year, as well as 20,000 industry leaders and experts.

  • World Unmanned Systems Conference, where to find valuable information

A diverse commercial communication platform of authority is a wise choice for a market full of choices. China (Shenzhen) Trade Fair about International Unmanned Vehicles Systems (CIUVS), a session of the 18th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) and also the China leg of 2016 World Unmanned Systems Conference (2016 WUSC to CHINA) is the joint cooperation by the Committee of CHTF and authoritative international organizations. Centering around hot topics in the unmanned system market–commercialization, protection, R&D and policies, the conference brings together representative international organizations, experts and leading enterprises in the unmanned systems to share the development trend and technological application of global unmanned systems. Every topic is introduced with case analysis, interactive review and expert explanation so that participators can have a deeper understanding of the industry and receive the latest information about topics they are concerned with. With exciting schedule in four days, audiences will enjoy inspiring keynote speeches and content sharing from top experts in the industry.

  • Information Release Center, find and present your opportunity.

The fair also sets up a new, exciting platform for information release. By virtue of the platform, you can increase your awareness by displaying your latest products and projects to potential customers; exhibit your technologies and explain maximum benefits of your products to visitors; share the latest information about a specific field or your entrepreneurial model and experience, and conduct face-to-face discussion with experts in an informal way. At the platform, start-ups of unmanned systems or participators can voice their ideas to investors, who will provide feedback and discuss these ideas. Besides talk shows, presentations, negotiation for special interests, information session and exhibitions, the center will also hold themed salons in convenient location. Both exhibitors and visitors can participate in various activities from new product release to guide tour. Maybe you can find your future partner.

  • Robot shows which exhibit unprecedented technologies beyond the limitation of space.

Dynamic presentation is the essence of the session, and Commando Wing is designed to dynamically display unmanned systems to all. As a leading marketplace for unmanned systems and robot technologies, CHTF-CIUVS 2016 serves as a good platform where exhibitors show their latest products and projects to the world. In the sky-ground combined exhibition area, exhibitors can show performance of their aerial and ground robots. Visitors can watch the operation of emerging technologies in the small unmanned systems.

  • Extensive exposure via diverse communication to offer opportunity for participators to build industrial relationship and promote market.

This exhibition shares the same organizational structure, customer resource, media support, expert support, and service support to CHTF and AUVSI. A professional and careful market team is present through the whole process, both offline and online, providing 24/7 value-added marketing service for exhibitors; interaction between traditional media and new media; and full coverage of search engine, network, Weibo, WeChat, and sms.



  • Global design manufacturers of commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global part suppliers of commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global software developers and service suppliers for commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global system operators for commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global wholesalers, dealers and distributors of commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global regulation organizations and aviation regulatory agencies under the government in commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global research/academic institutions and supporting organizations (training agencies, organizations for test, evaluation and certification, standardization bodies) for commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Global professional press and media in commercial and civil unmanned systems;
  • Purchasers, industry representatives, senior decision-makers, supervisory officials, scientists, technological researches and students of all fields;
  • Financial investors at home and abroad, and embassies in China;


  • Police application: public security, border patrol;
  • Energy: oil/gas exploration and production, electricity, public utility, environment monitoring;
  • Land & resources: surveying and mapping, civil infrastructures, mineral exploitation, urban planning, industrial construction, monitoring and data collection;
  • Commercial application: news collection, commercial promotion, film shooting, logistics transportation, aerial photography, consumption, training;
  • Disaster prevention & mitigation: law enforcement, emergency response, search and rescue;
  • Precision agriculture
  • Medical care
  • Technological R&D

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