Sri Lanka Survey Department Released New Sri Lanka Maps

Sri Lanka MapsColombo [Sri Lanka] , May 31, 2018 – After 18 years, the Sri Lanka Survey Department (SLSD), the national surveying and mapping organization under the Ministry of Land and Land Development have decided to update the geographical map of Sri Lanka.

A revised map including, an additional two square kilometer of land of the Colombo Port City is set to be released today.

Survey General of Sri Lanka PMP Udayakantha said a digital version of the map demonstrating the land added to the Colombo city by reclamation of the sea is to be released, Colombo Page reported.

In the last 18 years, the geography of Sri Lanka has undergone several developments, including territorial changes.

The new map produced by the 1:500 ratio will include features like Moragahakanda reservoir and various other schemes.

Measures have been taken to produce printed copies of this map by June mid, while digital maps are made available.

Source: ANI

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