Smart Map Bhopal: A City Level Web-Based GIS solution

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Smart Map Bhopal is an enterprise-wide web-based GIS solution created using ArcGIS platform and seamlessly functions across various the web & mobile devices.

GIS System will provide the complete visualization of Bhopal City area with various point of interest (POI) layers that will help city administrators & citizens to locate POI’s and get information associated with it.

This solution made government data more accessible for the citizens; it not only comprises of different map data representations for citizens to view and scrutinize but also provides citizens with avenues to truly participate by providing feedbacks & report their grievances.

To illustrate Heritage sites in the city, it harnessed the power of maps and location combined with images and narratives to create a Story Map.

City Level GIS (Smart Map Bhopal) is a foundational app for Smart City tracks, it caters various functionalities that:

  • Provides an interface to the public to access details regarding the wards, services/facilities available, and heritage sites in the city.
  • Make intelligent map data representations (such as Revenue, Utilities, Amenities, and Streets) available to the citizens of Bhopal.
  • Provides seamless functionality across various devices. The website can be accessed from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as from the computers.
  • Provides citizens’ a system to give feedback and report grievance any time with workflows.
  • Make Bhopal’s development data transparent, giving citizens access to current and authentic information.
  • Public crowdsourcing & Citizen engagements
  • Up-to-date information about the city & associated point of interest feature information to citizens.

The Smart Map Bhopal web portal got launched by Hon’ble CM of Madhya Pradesh on 25th June 2017.

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