Rolta’s Q4 – FY-16 Consolidated PAT grows 26.3% QoQ

Mumbai – Rolta India Limited (Rolta), a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Defense and Security, today announced audited financial results for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2016.


  1. Consolidated Revenue for twelve months FY-16 at Rs. 3,799.59 cr (Rs.37.996 Billion) against Rs. 3,679.46 cr (Rs. 36.80 Billion) in previous period, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 3.3%
  2. Consolidated Profit after Tax for twelve months Q4 FY-16 at Rs. 189.11 cr (Rs. 1.89 Billion) against Rs. 245.17 cr (Rs. 2.45 Billion) in previous period, registering a Y-o-Y decline of 22.9%.
  3. Consolidated Revenue for Q4 FY-16 at Rs. 846.04 cr (Rs 8.46 Billion) against Rs. 980.56 cr (Rs. 9.81 Billion) in Q3 FY-16, registering a Q-o-Q decline of 13.7%.
  4. Consolidated profit after tax for Q4 FY-16 at Rs. 59.21 cr (Rs. 5.92 Billion) against Rs. 46.87 cr (Rs. 4.69 Billion) in Q3 FY-16, registering a Q-o-Q growth of 26.3%.
  5. The Board of Directors have not recommended a dividend for Financial year 2016

Mr. K. K. Singh, Chairman and Managing Director said, “Close to a decade ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to transform Rolta from a predominantly GIS and Engineering services Company to an IP-led IT organization. I believe we have now completed the transformation and are at the inflexion point to rapidly reap the benefits of our extensive investments in building solutions based on our rich and extensive repository of IP which will enable Rolta to be meaningful in the Digital era and steadily grow in the years ahead.”


The Company’s Board has approved major changes in the top management team to grow the business to the next level. Lt. Gen K.T. Parnaik (retd.), currently President of Rolta’s Defense and Security business, has had an illustrious career of over 40 years in the Army and held various leadership positions. He has been appointed as Joint Managing Director (‘JMD’) and member of the Board and will be in charge of Defense & Security business of the Company.

Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran, currently President of Global Products & Technology Solutions and CTO, has been elevated to the position of JMD and member of the Board for ‘Global Products & Technology Solutions” in recognition of his contribution in transforming the Company’s business into an IP-led model.

Mr. Ramakrishna Prabhu, CFO, has been elevated to the position of ‘Director, Corporate Affairs & CFO’ and a member of the Board. He has rich experience of nearly 30 years in all aspects of Accounting and Finance Management, including a stint as a senior partner in a leading audit firm.

Ms. Preetha Pulusani, President – International Operations and member of the Board will continue to lead International Operations in various Geographies around the world.

Mr. Atul Tayal, JMD and member of the Board, has stepped down from his positions, but will be available to ensure a smooth transition and for advice from time to time. The Board has put on record appreciation of services rendered by him.

Rolta has consciously made significant investments to remain at the forefront as a solutions provider with a sharp focus on the Digital revolution. Rolta’s pursuit for product innovation continues unabated to incorporate Mobility, next generation Data-science-driven Analytics, real-time aggregation of IoT, Locational and Sensor data, and Cloud-ready capabilities.

Rolta continues to win accolades and be recognized by technology providers and industry analysts for its innovative approach. Rolta was recognized as ‘IT Solutions Provider of the Year – Oil & Gas’ by Frost & Sullivan while heralding Rolta’s BI and Big Data Analytics solution as a key innovation tailored for the industry. Similarly, NASSCOM chose Rolta for the ‘Excellence in Analytics 2015 for Innovative Business Solutions’ award while acknowledging ” … the unprecedented business value resulting from a combination of Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science and Engineering to deliver prescriptive analytics … .” Most recently, Rolta received the ‘Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year 2015’, a global Geospatial World Leadership award, in Rotterdamon 25th May 2016 citing “Rolta has been very successful in unleashing the power of location and geospatial information across business enterprises and government functions.”


Defense and Security

Rolta continues to assert its leadership position in the Defense and Security software market. The Company’s world class indigenously developed Military-of-the-Shelf (MOTS) IP has been deployed and proven operationally, across the country. Accordingly, Rolta is considered amongst a handful of highly accomplished companies that meet the stringent ‘Make India’ vision of the Government. Recently the Defense Procurement Procedure announced by the Ministry of Defense (“MoD”), introduced the categorization of “Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured (IDDM)” as a practical measure to fulfil this vision. As a result, Rolta will greatly benefit from its track record and investments in creating indigenous products and solutions for Indian defense over last 20 years.

The Battlefield Management System (BMS) is an ambitious Command & Control (C2) project under the MoD’s ‘Make India’ program. This project will usher digital transformation of the Indian Army’s battlefield operations down to the fighting echelons operating at the forward-most edge of the Tactical Battle Area at the Battalion and Combat Group levels. The exclusive consortium of BEL and Rolta was selected as a Development Agency by MoD. Recently, an important milestone was achieved with the submission of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) by BEL-Rolta Consortium.

In the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) area, the Company’s field-proven solutions have become the standard for Indian Defense with successful deployments at 100s of key military sites.  Rolta has also maintained its leadership position in the Security market in India by providing a full range of solutions that cover Command & Control, and Mission Critical Communications to equip the police and paramilitary forces with best-of-breed technologies. Such technologies along with Rolta’s Computer Aided Dispatch products and solutions have been successfully deployed across the country by various police forces to provide better and faster emergency response.

Geospatial and Engineering Information Management

Digital Solutions for Smart City initiatives rely heavily on geospatial and a variety of other digital technologies where Rolta excels. Having deployed over a hundred Smart City Solutions in leading cities across the world, Rolta has built an enviable portfolio of numerous solutions, over 40 of which are covered by Rolta copyrights. As a result Rolta has the ability to address a wide spectrum of Smart City requirements cutting across Utilities, Transportation, Environment, Land Management Public Works, Urban Planning, Disaster Management, and Safety amongst others. These products typically provide intuitive actionable insights by contextually integrating numerous agency-centric systems while also offering a visually rich means of collaboration and communication of spatial data. Consequently, Rolta is winning large projects globally. In India too, this has placed Rolta very strongly with respect to Smart City initiatives of the government.

Asset intensive process manufacturing plants have realized the intrinsic value of their Digital Assets and are therefore demanding robust Engineering Information Management systems to exploit them for effective plant management. Rolta’s unique ability to integrate its portfolio of engineering solutions with enterprise-level IT has positioned the Company to address this growing demand. This is resulting in Rolta being engaged for large Engineering Information Management projects in North America, Middle East, Japan and India.

Enterprise IT Consulting and Infrastructure Services

In the Enterprise IT segment, organizations investing in the digital transformation are now increasingly turning to Rolta for their Cloud, Security, Mobility, Big Data and enterprise application needs. Rolta is well equipped with skills and innovative IP to provide end to end solutions starting from Advisory services, consulting and application development. Rolta is gaining significant traction in deploying these solutions across industry verticals, especially in North America, that include Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail and Aerospace. Successful engagements with customers across the world have now led to well over hundred customers who have engaged Rolta to manage their network and database infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

Rolta has developed a unique IP that enables the Company to provide a very high degree of automation designed for consolidation of information and analytics platforms, and is capable of delivering extremely high levels of throughput using multi-instance parallel migrations. It is also leveraged for consolidating multiple BI platforms to a single target platform with minimal involvement of business users. As a result, Rolta is engaged in migration and consolidation projects for many blue-chip organizations, including a project involving migration of several thousand databases with terabytes of data to SAP HANA platform with near-zero cut-over disruption of live operations in Cloud environment.

Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

The flagship Rolta OneView® Enterprise Suite is a unique, Big Data Analytics solution that addresses the needs of enterprises to exploit the business value of Big Data. By leveraging Rolta’s patented technologies for real-time OT-IT integration of sensor data from disparate operations and business systems, Rolta OneView® offers cross-functional visibility of all the critical business functions such as Operations, Assets, Maintenance, Reliability, etc.  Rolta OneView™ has Data Science driven and spatially-enabled Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for deeper insights for effective business decisions. Rolta launched its Cloud-based deployment model for Rolta OneView™, providing customers with a much faster roll-out and quick return on investments. Rolta has experienced tremendous traction for its Rolta OneView™ solution and is engaged with numerous multinational organizations, many of whom are world leaders in various spheres, such as Upstream Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, and Utilities. With growing recognition of Rolta OneView™ as an effective platform for operations transformation programs, Rolta has successfully appointed several leading companies in various parts of the world as distribution partners to extend the Company’s reach in new geographies.

About Rolta:

Rolta is a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. Rolta is recognized for its extensive portfolio of solutions based on field-proven Rolta IP tailored for Indian Defense and Homeland Security. By uniquely combining its expertise in the IT, Engineering and Geospatial domains, Rolta develops State-of-the-Art Digital Solutions incorporating rich Rolta IP in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, IoT, BI and Big Data Analytics. Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India and the Company’s shares have been publicly traded for more than 25 years in India. Rolta GDRs are listed on the London Stock Exchange for 10+ years.

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