Karnataka State Health Department Launches GIS App to Help Accident Victims

Nearby Services-KSRSAC-KGIS-Nearby Services appBengaluru – According to recent news reported by The New Indian Express, Karnataka State the Health Department has unveil an app called Nearby Services. The app is launched under the flagship project of the state government for the development of Karnataka-Geographic Information System (K-GIS) program.

All departments are mandated to share geo-spatial data available with them through this programme for planning and developmental needs. The data is shared across the departments and with the public. The Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC), under the Department of IT, BT is entrusted with the implementation of the program.

The Health Department has mapped its district hospitals, primary health centres, community health centres, trauma centres, ambulances, vaccination centres and blood banks in the app. Location of nearest police stations can also be seen in it.

There are a few categories for sending messages based on the type of emergency like road accident, heart attack, fireNearby Services-KSRSAC-KGIS -2-Nearby Services app accident, explosion, injury and others. Once the user selects the category and gives a confirmation, a message will be sent to the authorities concerned.

The Nearby Services app can be used to identify the nearest government hospital’s location, its distance and route for navigation from the user’s current location. For example, the 10 nearest blood banks are displayed, along with their address and phone number.

When the user clicks on any particular blood bank, its phone number and calling option is enabled. Once the user clicks on the name of a feature, the shortest possible route from the user’s current location will be displayed.

The Nearby Services app is now available on Google Play Store, to download click.

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