Master Phase of IARPA Multi-view Stereo 3D Mapping Challenge

The challenge will consist of two contests—Explorer and Master—which progress in level of difficulty. Winners have been selected for the Explorer Challenge and now the final Master Challenge is ready to be solved. Solvers will be asked to generate and submit an algorithm to convert high-resolution satellite images to 3D point clouds for the contest datasets.


The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) is conducting this Challenge to invite the broader research community of industry and academia, with or without experience in multi-view satellite imagery, to participate in a convenient, efficient and non-contractual way. IARPA’s use of a crowdsourcing approach to stimulate breakthroughs in science and technology also supports the White House’s Strategy for American Innovation, as well as government transparency and efficiency.

To complete each contest, solvers will be provided with:

  • Full large images formatted as National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) with sensor metadata encoded within each NITF file – provided to support those with software already using standard geospatial file formats
  • Much smaller cropped images in TIFF format with sensor metadata provided in ASCII text files – provided to better enable participation from a broad range of solvers
  • Explorer contest challenge area ground truth lidar and scoring code so that solvers can test their own solutions prior to submission
  • KML bounding box for each challenge area


Throughout the Challenge, an online leaderboard will display solvers’ rankings and accomplishments, giving them various opportunities to have their work viewed and appreciated by stakeholders from industry, government and academic communities. Solvers will be eligible to win cash prizes during the Explorer and Master challenges from a total prize purse of $100K. Winners will be invited to present their solutions at a conference hosted by IARPA in the fall, where they will detail their approach.


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