Issue 3 – September 2019

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 S. No.  Description/Title
 1 Title: Cover Page and Contents Page
Page No.: 1 to 3 (page 2 is an advertisement)
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 2 Title: Executives (editorial board) and Editor’s Note
Page No.: 4 to 5
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 3 Title: Landviewer Now Features Change Detection That Runs in Browser
Author:  Earth Observing System
Page No.: 6 to 8
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4 Title: Integrated Drought Severity Index
Author: Shivaprakash  Yaragal
Page No.: 9 to 11
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5 Title: Identifying Drainage Tiles With PIX4DFields Agriculture Software
Author: Barbara Horvatic
Page No.: 12 to 14
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6 Title: Geo-IOT: A Data-Driven Disrupting Technology for Smart Cities
Author: Damandeep Singh
Page No.: 15 to 18
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7 Title: Surveying and Mapping in India a Ground Report – The Past, THE Present & The Future
Author: M. D. Cariappa
Page No.: 19 to 26
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8 Advertisement 
Page No.: 27 to 28
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