ISRO Successfully Launches Cartosat-3 and 13 Commercial Nanosatellites

PSLV-C47 / Cartosat-3 Liftoff

PSLV-C47 / Cartosat-3 Liftoff

November 27, 2019 – ISRO – India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, in its forty-ninth flight (PSLV-C47), successfully launched Cartosat-3 along with 13 Nanosatellites of USA from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota.

Cartosat-3 will circle the earth at a 509km altitude with an inclination of 9.75 degrees.

Cartosat-3 is a third-generation agile advanced earth observation satellite having resolution imaging capability. Cartosat-3 satellite has a panchromatic imaging payload of 0.25 m ground resolution with 16 km swath, a multispectral imaging payload of 1.13 m ground resolution and a hyperspectral imaging payload of 12 m resolution with 5 km swath. It also features an MWIR Camera with 5.7 m resolution.

The mission life of the Cartosat-3 is 5 years. Cartosat-3 will address the increased user’s demands for large scale urban planning, rural resource and infrastructure development, coastal land use and land cover, etc.

ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan congratulated and complimented the launch vehicle and satellite teams involved in the mission. He also acknowledged the support from Indian Industry.

PSLV-C47 was the 21st flight of PSLV in ‘XL’ configuration (with 6 solid strap-on motors). This was the 74th launch vehicle mission from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota and 9th satellite of Cartosat series.

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