Hexagon Geospatial Releases M.App X 2020 Update 1 – Cloud-based Enterprise Solution for Imagery Intelligence

Hexagon Geospatial has recently released M.App X 2020 Update 1 with great new features. The major version of M.App X 2020 was released late in January 2020.

M.App X is a cloud-deployable enterprise solution for imagery analysis and intelligence. The capabilities of M.App X enables users to quickly display and acquire critical information and view the same map in 2D or 3D for better visualization and analysis.

For defence and intelligence organizations, M.App X is a tool that makes imagery easier to interpret, create intuitive maps for actionable information and centralize geospatial data for instant access across an organization. M.App X is powered by Hexagon’s LuciadRIA mapping engine, a high-performance browser solution to improve hardware performance and support 2D and 3D displays of the same map.

M App X 2020-Fit to Frame for Layers in the Contents Panel

Fit to Frame for Layers in the Contents Panel

LuciadRIA is a JavaScript mapping engine that supports both 2D and 3D display modes and takes advantage of the GPU via WebGL. This technology change brings about performance improvements and enables M.App X to extend to 3D.

M.App X equips users to quickly and easily switch between map space, image space and 3D, which increases efficiency and reduces analysis time. With 3D, users can drape imagery over the globe, using a terrain model if available.

Using LuciadRIA technology, 3D display mode capabilities have been added. M.App X can now display imagery in 3D, optionally using terrain served from the LuciadFusion Server (if present). Features such as interactive image adjustments are also available in 3D Mode.

M App X 2020-3D-Mode

Some of the following are the features of the latest release of M.App X 2020 –

  • Improve Handling of Print Requests Outside Report Mode
  • Configure Multiple File Sources
  • Use Themes (Dark and Light) Throughout
  • Add Shapefiles to the Shoebox and Display
  • Shoebox Items Without Thumbnails Now Have Representative Graphics
  • Fit to Frame for Layers in the Contents Panel
  • Browse Mode in the Add Dialog
  • Report North Arrow Styling Improved
  • Report Templates Now Support Portrait Format
  • Report PowerPoint Templates Improved
  • Report Can Now be Exported to Geospatial PDF
  • Support for SICD Sensor Models (SAR Imagery in NITF)
M App X - Geospatial PDF

Report Can Now be Exported to Geospatial PDF

For more details about M.App X 2020 Update 1, check out the Release Guide.

Customers can now download the new version of the software.

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