Haryana is Developing GIS-based Digital Map of Forest Areas in the State

According to the recent news,  Haryana forest department is using geographic information system (GIS)-based digital mapping of forest areas in the state, this will add better monitoring and conservation of flora and fauna. The mobile-based application will provide a three-dimensional view of any chosen forest area with relevant data such as demographic details, number of trees, animal species etc.

Officials said the application will help the forest department in monitoring forest area with limited manpower and resources, checking encroachment and settling disputes related to the boundary and land use of a particular area. It will also be of great help to the forest department in the conservation of the Aravalis, where most of the areas are not recorded as forest and are under constant threat from realtors.


“The system will have multi-layer data from demographic details of the area to biodiversity mapping, details of tree species, soil, rainfall, boundary and much more,” Conservator of forests (south circle) MD Sinha.

“After the development of the system, officials can go to any area and get any details required from the mobile-based app. Even in the case of an aerial survey over the forest area, all the information pertaining to a particular spot can be provided on mobile. This will help in better understanding and planning,” he added.

Based on the data captured by the application in a case of a fire or an encroachment, the location of the specific area can be identified and the administrative unit can generate report along with the map at just a click, officials said.

Besides senior officials can keep a track on field officers, using this application. “Based on the auto-tracking record of the mobile application, higher officials can keep a tab on the activities of field officials — like if they have visited the forest area at a particular time or not,” said officials, adding the system will also provide administrative forest-related details like division, range, beat, compartment and reaches.

Source: TOI

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