Happy New Year – 2014


 Happy New Year

May you have a heart of courage

a mind of will

and may you get whatever you desire

always at your will

full earth rise_23

The phenomenon expressed as a “Full Earth-Rise” can be seen from a satellite that travels around the Moon such as the KAGUYA (SELENE) or the Apollo manned spacecraft. The Earth is almost stationary when it is observed from the Moon, thus a Full Earth-Rise coming out from the horizon cannot be seen from the Moon.

To watch video, please visit: http://space.jaxa.jp/movie/20080411_kaguya_movie01_e.html

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  • Sahaphap says:

    May this New year Brings you
    Everlasting Happiness and peace
    Success in whatever you do
    Prosperity to you and your family
    Fills your home with joy and spirit
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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