Japan to Introduce GPS Satellite to Jam North Korean Signals

GPS JammingAccording to recent news, Japan will launch GPS satellite that will have GPS jamming capabilities for North Korean signals. The jamming functions are to be included on the Japanese GPS satellite Michibiki 2, which the Japanese government is scheduled to launch on June 1 from Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture. The satellite is being launched by Japan as part of a push to build an independent satellite-based positioning system without relying on US GPS.

The potential military uses are also why the Japanese GPS is including functions for jamming North Korean signals. North Korea has sent signals toward South Korea to prevent the functioning of weapons that operate through GPS. Japan is using special highly encoded signals with the Michibiki 2 that will not be vulnerable to jamming or false signals sent by other parties.

With a GPS error range of 6 cm, the Japanese GPS is far more precise than US GPS, which has an error range of 10 m. The Japanese government currently plans to have three position measurement satellites in place within the year to use with US GPS as part of a 24-hour GPS system. By 2023, it plans to have its own independent GPS system without relying on US GPS, with a total of seven position measurement satellites in operation.

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