French Environmental Consulting Althis Selects SuperPad to Collect Data

Under the assistance of Géo.RM, Supergeo’s partner in France, the excellent mobile GIS software- SuperPad is earlier selected by the environmental consulting firm Althis for spatial data collection.

Located in the neighborhood of Auray, Brittany Region, Althis is an environmental consulting company that has abundant experiences in various projects. Since its establishment in 2005, Althis has dedicated to providing the most professional and reliable service in environmental impact assessment, fauna and flora inventory, wetland environment monitoring, ecological diagnosis, etc.

For an environmental consulting company like Althis, using mobile GIS properly can significantly boost efficiency. By installing SuperPad in professional GNSS receivers, users not only can acquire high-precision spatial data but are allowed to connect to OGC standard services in the field. Therefore, researchers can easily to collect high-quality spatial data with rich background information provided by online map layers. Furthermore, the newly added features of WFS-T and Cloud Storage Service will help field workers to edit and update data via the internet in real time. Users never have to worry about running out of storage space again and can investigate a large area at once, saving time and cost. Besides the features mentioned above, SuperPad still has many amazing functions waiting users to discover. Please feel free to download the trial on Supergeo’s website.

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