Egypt is Considering Purchasing of Russian Satellite Imagery

EgyptSat 2 (MisrSat 2)

EgyptSat 2 (MisrSat 2)

In recent news by Sputnik, Egypt is considering purchasing Russian satellite images for earth observation studies. This move comes after the loss of control by Egypt on its remote sensing satellite EgyptSat 2.

EgyptSat 2 was built by Russian space manufacturer RSC Energia and Egypt’s National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) and was launched from the Baikonur Space Station in Kazakhstan on April 16, 2014.

The control of satellite was handed over to Egyptian specialists in January 2015. After four months the satellite started to experience malfunctions in May.

Egypt is now eyeing the use of Russian commercial Earth observation satellite Resurs-P and the Kanopus-V1 (Canopus-B) satellite.

EgyptSat2 is Egypt’s second remote sensing Earth observation satellite. It was created to take pictures of the Earth in the visible and infrared spectra.

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