Conferences are usually organized either by a scientific society or by a group of researchers with a common interest. An academic conference or symposium is a conference for researchers (not necessarily academics) to present and discuss their work. Together with academic or scientific journals, conferences provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers. Conferences are usually composed of various presentations.

The meeting is announced by way of a “Call for Papers” or a Call For Abstracts, which lists the meeting’s topics and tells prospective presenters how to submit their abstracts or papers. They tend to be short and concise, with a time span of about 10 to 30 minutes; presentations are usually followed by a discussion. The work may be bundled in written form as academic papers and published as the conference proceedings. Usually a conference will include keynote speakers (often, scholars of some standing, but sometimes individuals from outside academia). The keynote lecture is often longer, lasting sometimes up to an hour and a half, particularly if there are several keynote speakers on a panel.

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