Colorado River Basin Data Visualization Challenge

Awarding ground-breaking developments in 3D modelling, automated object extraction

The Bureau of Reclamation and Colorado River Basin (CRB) seeks innovative, interactive, and user-driven visualizations to improve the understanding of past, current, and projected water conditions in the Colorado River Basin. The goal is to leverage the power of crowd-sourcing and diverse solver skillsets to find new ways to display data.

CRB data play a significant role in managing the Colorado River, including operating dams and canals to deliver water and generate power, overseeing water allocations and water use, and protecting and restoring habitat for endangered and threatened species. Reclamation is currently working to make CRB data open and accessible to both Reclamation (internal) and non-Reclamation (external) users.

The competition is organized by a project team from Reclamation’s Upper Colorado and Lower Colorado regions in coordination with Reclamation’s Water Prize Competition Center and partners from USGS, CBRFC, NRCS, and IBWC. The competition is posted on (link is external) and is operated by

Solvers are being asked to submit designs that include at least one of the following elements:

  • Integrated visualization of multiple relevant CRB data types and/or ancillary information. This may include mashups of data from Reclamation and other sources, combination of multiple data types, and/or integration of data with ancillary information.
  • User-customizable visualization of data and/or ancillary information. This may include user-driven selection of data parameters, time periods, or geographical range, or configuration of visualization layout or content to meet user needs and preferences.
  • Interactive visualization of data and/or ancillary information. This may include zooming or panning around a visualization, drilling down into data, clicking through animations, inputting information, and/or responding to queries or requests from the visualization.
  • Solvers may be drawn from InnoCentive’s existing community of solvers or may join the community to participate in this competition. Please share the news of this competition with your colleagues, friends, and contacts to help us reach the widest range of possible solvers.

Launch: September 7, 2017

Close: November 17, 2017

Prize: A total cash prize purse of $60,000 is available, to be split among the winners.

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