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Birdie Apps provides a Free Golf GPS App that works on all modern phones and tablets. Birdie Apps recently released the newest version of its Golf GPS App and it is fully supported on all Android devices, including the ones that are just coming off the shelf, along with those purchased years ago.

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Present release of Golf GPS features popular courses around Phoenix/Scottsdale. Bright images, minimal glare, easy to use & absolutely NO CLUTTER!  Birdie Apps does not require golfers to pay for upgrades as all the best features are free.

 Golfers no longer have to settle for the status quo which gives them mediocre maps, forces them to pay for more advanced features, and drains their batteries before the round is even over.

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With full support for Android devices, Birdie Apps is raising the bar for the future of Golf GPS Apps on mobile devices. Some features that set our Golf GPS App apart are:

  •  Pin Placements: Determine exact distances to any location on the map.
  • Hole View and Green View: See the entire hole from a bird’s eye view, or zoom in with Green View to get a detailed view of the green and determine the exact distance to your landing spot.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Birdie Apps™ sports a friendly touchscreen interface with simple to understand maps and no clutter, keeping your head in the game and eyes on the ball.


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  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Birdie Apps™ golf courses are professionally mapped by the most skilled and detail-oriented mappers in the industry, and offer the most accurate distances in the golf GPS industry.
  • Super Efficient Battery Life: Birdie Apps™ web applications use far less battery power than most native golf GPS apps.
  • Works On All Smartphones: Our mobile HTML5 golf GPS app is built to work on all modern smartphone brands and models without the need to purchase or download an app.


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